Is it time to migrate to a WordPress-built website?
3 Reasons why you should definitely get started!

Benefits of WordPress-built websites. 

#1 WordPress is easy to scale up or change up

Scale up or down you website and migrate to wordpress

WordPress is constantly updating and innovating and has been around for the longest while, This makes it future-proof. As of 2023 WordPress powers 43% of websites on the internet making it a giant in the industry. It has the largest marketplace for website software and plugins. This means that if your business decides to do something new and radical online, with a WordPress Built website, creating a new function or feature would be pretty straightforward. WordPress can easily integrate with tools like Zapier, Mailchimp and many more. Basically, because it’s such a huge platform, most developers want to create WordPress-based solutions that they know will sell to a larger market. it’s like creating apps for Apple or Android which are the two most popular mobile operating systems. 

#2 WordPress is easy to manage content and images.

dog managing website content

Following on from point #1, WordPress has the largest Content Management System (CMS) in the World and is very popular. Because WordPress powers more than a third of websites on the internet, it has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Most clients that have used Nate4Design services  have always asked for freedom to change simple content such as text and images. During our free 30 minute consultations  we identified a theme among new clients that focused on ease of use after the project was completed. This theme arose from a long-standing frustration where clients would need to contact a developer when they wanted to change something simple on their site. We quickly saw the need to build simplicity into every project whilst being able to unleash our full design capabilities. WordPress became the obvious choice for us and most of our clients.  

#3 WordPress is secure and stable.

Wordpress security image

As a web designer & developer (what’s the difference??) I often find myself integrating new systems with my client’s websites. Whilst I am very passionate about design i.e. look and feel of a site, I really enjoy the technical aspects of putting a site together. You heard right, I said ENJOY!  Integration involves connecting business websites with analytics solutions and much more to meet objectives, targets and goals. For most people, this is the stuff of nightmares and sleepless nights. But I embrace the challenge always. This process would be awkward if I was using a platform that was unstable and needed a lot of maintenance to ensure that everything works properly. If you’re ever considering a role in Web Design & Development, don’t ignore the power of WordPress and it’s ability to connect simplicity and complexity and keep things running smoothly. 

Whilst, WordPress is quite popular, you might have heard that WordPress-built sites are also a target for hackers. True as that may be, I can honestly say that with the right security plugin, you can protect your site from malicious attackers and bad bots. At Nate4Design we can talk you through the options available if you already have a WordPress website. 

Are you ready to migrate to WordPress and enjoy simplicity?

If you’re still deliberating and wish to discuss this further why not contact us to find out how we can help you with the transition. Remember, with WordPress, we create value for our clients by giving them the ability to manage their own content. Freedom is crucial online and we’re always available to help you make the right choices. You can read more about our Web Design & Development work to understand the full depth of the work we do.